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How I Plan To Get $5k Per thirty days From My CPF

You’ve observed my plan for build up my retirement source of revenue (right here), and also you’ve despatched within the questions. On this article, I dive deeper into how I intend to receives a commission $5,000 per thirty days in retirement from my CPF budget by myself, in addition to the stairs I’m lately taking to get there.

Let’s get started with a snappy recap – after we retire, maximum people will nonetheless have bills to pay for. I’ve categorized them as follows:

  • Mounted bills (price of residing)
  • Commute bills to out of the country international locations
  • Sudden bills (e.g. scientific expenses, substitute prices for house home equipment because of extended use, and so forth)

The quantity we can want in retirement all boils all the way down to how a lot our bills upload as much as. If you happen to requested me, the most efficient answer comes to making plans for the predicted prices of residing (my wishes) and go back and forth bills (my desires), whilst I depend on insurance coverage or my emergency budget for the sudden bills.

In securing the budget for my price of residing, I glance to my assured retirement pot i.e. my CPF financial savings, which is able to and will likely be used to basically quilt my fastened residing bills.

A laugh truth: A couple of years in the past (in 2017), I did an estimate right here in this weblog about how a lot my desired retirement way of life (as a unmarried in my 20s) might price me once I flip 65, which labored out to be S$1,800 – S$3,000 then.

Issues have modified since then. Inflation has long past up, and so have my spending patterns – I now spend extra when eating out and I’ve additionally larger my bills on attractiveness products and services and self-esteem merchandise.

So listed below are my newest estimates (in response to as of late’s costs) as an alternative:

ESSENTIAL residing bills (per thirty days): S$2,900

Forms of Bills Class $ These days
Day by day must haves Meals and groceries – family $900
Utilities (electrical energy & water) – family $300
Public delivery – self $200
Telco & web – self $200
Self-care Eating out $600
Motion pictures $100
Buying groceries $300
[New!] Attractiveness products and services $300

You could have spotted that no longer best did I build up the numbers for each and every merchandise, however I’ve additionally added 1 new class vs. my authentic pre-kids model. For instance:

  • Eating out: Again in 2017, $30 was once enough for me for a meal and drink at a pleasing café with pals. In my retirement years I’d like with the intention to proceed the custom of eating out with my youngsters. I additionally are not looking for them to really feel obligated to foot the invoice. Factoring the upward push in price, I’ve estimated S$600 for this class for now.
  • Attractiveness products and services: In my 20s, I didn’t care an excessive amount of about skin care or attractiveness dietary supplements. On the other hand, upon getting into my 30s, it takes much more effort for me to take care of my appears to be like and well being! I now take multi-vitamins, collagen dietary supplements, probiotics and fibre incessantly.

By the point I’m in my 60s, my youngsters can be of their mid-30s and usually are running for a while so I gained’t have to fret about surroundings apart cash in my retirement for his or her college or tuition charges.

Notice: when you nonetheless wish to financially reinforce your youngsters’s schooling in retirement, remember to issue that into your monetary plans!

And naturally, if cash isn’t an issue, I’d additionally like to go back and forth and discover the arena in my retirement years. In essentially the most superb scenario, this may be my go back and forth plans:

IDEAL Recreational bills (in line with 12 months): ~S$16,000

A 1-week holiday in Asia each and every quarter $1,500 x 4 = $6,000
A 2-week holiday out of Asia every year $10,000

I’m conscious that this plan is rather “sumptuous” and that over the years, it is going to price extra. If one day, there’s a wish to be extra prudent, this would be the class I’ll assessment. 

Including each classes will quantity to $50,800 of bills in a 12 months, or roughly S$4,200 a month.

In response to those estimates, I must thus plan to have a minimum of S$4,200 / month in retirement if I wish to revel in such a way of life (one that incorporates 5 journeys out of the country each and every 12 months).

That is in response to as of late’s greenbacks, which means that if I guess a 2% annually inflation price between now till I hit age 65, it interprets to a minimum of $8,000 a month in retirement.

Hmm, that’s so much.

What if I took go back and forth out of the equation, and used the $2,900 projected determine for my estimated price of residing as an alternative?

With that, the determine now adjustments to $5,500 per thirty days in retirement once I flip 65.

Sounds extra practical, so let’s paintings with that first.

The following query is, can I am getting to that with my CPF financial savings?

How can I am getting $5,000 per thirty days from CPF?

To reply to this query, I used the CPF planner – retirement source of revenue (“CPF Planner”) to inform me whether or not I’m not off course.

I keyed in my estimated bills of $2,900 (in response to as of late’s greenbacks) into the calculator, and with inflation factored, it quantities to $5,580. To reach that payout purpose, I used to be knowledgeable that I had to paintings in opposition to a financial savings purpose of $1,152,000.

Sidenote: If you happen to’ve no concept how a lot you’ll want, you’ll estimate through clicking at the “retirement source of revenue information” (see screenshot under). It is going to information you to derive a retirement way of life that you simply choose.

I then proceeded to enter my estimated employment source of revenue (all over my running years from now till age 65) in order that the calculator can mission whether or not my CPF contributions will likely be enough to get me to my purpose.

I’ve used $5,000 as a benchmark, which used to be how a lot I used to be drawing in my closing activity. Even supposing I’ve by no means gained an advantage in my whole running lifestyles (sure, no 13th month bonus both), I’ll think that my fortunate stars will assist me discover a long run boss who will give me a S$3,000 annually bonus each and every 12 months…another way, I’ll merely have to search out different approach to get this for myself (similar to thru a facet hustle, and so forth).

I’ve projected a 2% annual increment consistent with historic inflation charges, even if to be fair, the one occasions I’ve gotten a wage increment used to be once I switched to every other corporate.

Fortunately, the CPF planner projected that I must be capable of meet my payout purpose – in response to my present CPF financial savings. For the ones of you who’re questioning, my Particular Account lately has >90% of as of late’s Complete Retirement Sum (2023).

Good enough, however what about if I had been to account for my desired go back and forth way of life bills on this calculation too?

The use of S$4,200 a month (in as of late’s greenbacks), the calculator knowledgeable that my CPF financial savings can be inadequate in assembly my desired retirement way of life.

So, what is going to it take for me to fulfill my dream retirement objectives?

Smartly, that is the place the CPF planner can simulate situations must we come to a decision to take lively steps to paintings in opposition to it, for instance, if we had been to switch our Unusual Account (OA) budget to our Particular Account (SA), or if we had been to make a money top-up by means of the Retirement Sum Topping Up (RSTU) scheme.

Sidenote: I’ve already been periodically shifting my OA budget into my SA since my mid-20s, so there are little or no budget in my OA (the volume I’ve saved in there may be most commonly for liquidity functions i.e. enough best to pay for 365 days of our housing mortgage). For me, shifting the entire budget out won’t make a lot of a distinction to my retirement plan, so I’ll wish to do a money top-up as an alternative.

Do you know that you'll download tax reliefs when you select to peak up your CPF? The sum has since larger in 2022, from S$7,000 to S$8,000. 

See my projection under:

Do notice that the topping up projections are matter to prevailing top-up limits. In case you are incomes a better source of revenue and/or just about the present FRS (like me), even a $8,000 voluntary money top-up once a year won’t undergo in complete each and every 12 months.

Thus, even though I had been to proceed my present follow of topping up S$8,000 once a year, it is going to no longer get me nearer to financing my 5x annually go back and forth aspirations. I can wish to both regulate my expectancies or fund my travels from different assets of retirement source of revenue.

Therefore, the CPF planner makes it transparent that whilst my present CPF financial savings are enough to finance my fundamental retirement wishes, it is going to no longer be sufficient to completely finance the level of my go back and forth aspirations in retirement – I can wish to fund that from one thing rather than my CPF as neatly. 

Which is why I’m running laborious on build up further assets of retirement source of revenue – keep tuned to my weblog for extra main points on how.


The use of the CPF planner, I will be able to calm down, understanding that my CPF financial savings will likely be enough to pay for my fastened bills in my retirement years.

But when I had been to wish for my CPF budget to pay for my 5 go back and forth journeys a 12 months, that will likely be an excessive amount of. With that extent of go back and forth, my present CPF financial savings gained’t be sufficient to fund my desired go back and forth way of life in my retirement years. Although I had been to make a voluntary money top-up of S$8,000 once a year with out fail, it is going to nonetheless be inadequate.

The instrument then is going directly to suggest that I additionally use my non-public financial savings as a part of a balanced retirement portfolio, which I totally believe.

In fact, there are a number of boundaries to this instrument, together with:

  • A 2% inflation price is carried out to the preliminary retirement source of revenue purpose that you simply enter (in as of late’s greenbacks) to compute your payout purpose at age 65.
  • If you happen to didn’t enter your personal quantity for that web page, however used the projected quantity in response to the retirement source of revenue information as an alternative, you must notice that the retirement way of life possible choices supplied are in response to expenditure from the Family Expenditure Survey 2017/18. This will likely or might not be a correct mirrored image of your personal spending ranges and behavior.
  • Since projections are in response to the salary-related main points you supplied, the instrument assumes that you simply stay hired all through the projection duration. Within the match of any extended unemployment, your finish effects might range from the preliminary estimations that you simply acquired from the planner. For the self-employed or gig employees, or someone whose wage fluctuates significantly, the accuracy of the estimated projection might range over a chronic time period.

In time to return, I’m hoping to peer the instrument being refreshed with choices for us to mess around with inflation charges – particularly now that inflation has remained a ways above the two% price for nearly 2 years now.

Finally, as a salaried Singaporean employee, your CPF is most likely going to be your first, if no longer your greatest, retirement pot. It’ll be profitable to you’ll want to optimise your CPF for the easiest returns (similar to making voluntary money top-ups and shifting your Unusual Account budget into your Particular Account) and to paintings in opposition to your most well-liked payout to fulfill your retirement objectives.

Click on right here to test whether or not your CPF is not off course!

Disclosure: This newsletter is written in collaboration with CPF Board, who has a nifty CPF planner – retirement source of revenue instrument to assist Singaporeans visualise and plan for his or her retirement.



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