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I’ve been doing LOTS of trainings in the previous few months. And getting numerous the similar sorts of questions.

They usually sound like:

“How do I do know when a proper time to invite so-and-so?”
“How do I do know if that asking quantity is an excessive amount of?”
“That is what came about all the way through the ask. I haven’t heard again in weeks. Do you suppose I indignant her?”

Most likely you’ve requested a few of these your self.

They’re excellent questions. They usually’re motivated via a want to do proper.

However all of them have a commonplace denominator: best the donor is aware of the solution.


“Ask With out Concern” isn’t almost about cash
The one means you’ll in point of fact know the solutions to those questions is to invite the opposite consumer.

  • For the timing query, I’d now not ask if it’s the appropriate time. I’d simply ask for the appointment.
  • For the volume query in face-to-face asks (in-person or on Zoom), I all the time inspire other folks to believe asking courteously upper than they’d anticipated. (There are methods to do that with out being a jerk. And please, don’t be a jerk.)
  • For the “did I offend her” query, ask. Follow the wording that makes probably the most sense to you. Take a look at out other words till you discover a couple that paintings.

Folks will let you know in the event you ask them

Considering and praying and strategizing are vital. However you’ll be able to’t learn donors’ minds any further than you’ll be able to learn your easiest buddy’s thoughts. The excellent news is, those questions can also be spoke back – and those relationships reinforced – via without delay, courteously asking.

Who do you want to invite this week?



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