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Wealth Control EDGE Podcast: Retirement, Annuities and Law

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On this episode of the WealthManagement EDGE Podcast Nabia Jenkins-Johnston, senior convention manufacturer at WealthManagement.com and Michelle Richter-Gordon, co-founder, Annuity Analysis and Consulting, discover fiduciary roles and regulatory definitions within the monetary global. They unveil the have an effect on of misaligned titles, the place monetary and funding advisors fluctuate, and the need for wealth control. 

In particular, they duvet:

  • Fiduciary roles in monetary control
  • Variations between monetary and funding advisors
  • The significance of wealth control
  • The importance of insurance coverage and annuities in retirement making plans


Attach With Nabia Jenkins-Johnston:

Attach With Michelle Richter-Gordon:

About Our Visitor:

As a co-founder of ARC, I’m hoping to guide by way of instance towards procedure standardization in best possible practices for the monetary recommendation occupation.


I used to be born and bred to advise upon prudent chance mitigation and imagine that The us’s retirees can be better-served by way of integrating an income-oriented worldview into asset control industry fashions. Since present regulatory requirements for advisory services and products are maximum frequently billed throughout the lens of asset maximization, there’s no scalable framework to rate for highbrow assets and advisory services and products that reduce liabilities or clean revenue (the purposes that insurance coverage plays).


Including annuities inside of DC plans gives a chance to innovate right here, below the steering of ERISA prudent procedure requirements. I actually have a a hit strategic consulting apply advising insurers and fiscal services and products corporations about easy methods to combine liability-minimizing services and products that handiest insurers may give.




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